The Nymph 1996

Set during the second world war, the sentimental education of a sensual adolescent girl, growing out of her childhood in a small, impoverished village in Southern Italy.

The Constant Nymph 1943

Fourteen-year-old Tessa is hopelessly in love with handsome composer Lewis Dodd, a family friend. Lewis adores Tessa, but has never shown any romantic feelings toward her. When Tessa's father dies, Lewis contacts her late mother's wealthy family so they'll take care of Tessa and her sisters. Lewis becomes taken with Tessa's haughty cousin Florence and the two soon marry and head off for Florence's estate in England. Meanwhile, Florence sends Tessa and her sister Paula off to finishing school. The girls run away from school and Tessa moves in with Florence and Louis. Florence soon becomes consumed with jealousy over the bond between her husband and Tessa.

The Water Nymph 1912

Mabel and her sweetheart go to the beach and play a trick on the boyfriend's father.

The Water Nymph 1910

'Rusalka' - or, 'Mermaid.' Based on Pushkin, an opera by Dargomizhsky, and other sources: A prince and a miller's daughter have been involved in a romance together, but now the prince tells her that he must break it off. After the prince leaves, the distraught young woman attempts to drown herself. When the prince's wedding day arrives, he is tormented by her image, which appears wherever he goes. Eventually, he is compelled to return and to try to find out what happened to her, regardless of the consequences.

The Constant Nymph 1933

Second of three versions of Margaret Kennedy’s novel about a sickly, sensitive Belgian schoolgirl, Tessa (Victoria Hopper), in love with world-famous composer Lewis Dodd (Brian Aherne), who marries her wealthy cousin Florence (Leonora Corbett). Undermining the already delicate Tessa’s health, the composer realises that life without Tessa is unbearable and leaves his unloving wife – but sadly too late.

The Constant Nymph 1928

Melodramatic silent. Sanger, an eccentric expatriate composer, dies in his house in the Austrian Alps, leaving his daughters penniless. The young composer Lewis Dodd, a longstanding friend of the family, falls in love with their cousin Florence when she comes to take the girls back to England. But little Tessa Sanger is in love with Lewis herself, and when she runs away from school and comes to live with Florence and her husband, their already-shaky marriage is further undermined

The Nullarbor Nymph 2012

Following two Water Australia employees who travel out along the Nullarbor Plain only to discover they are being hunted by the mythological creature, the Nullarbor Nymph.

The Water Nymph 2006

The Water Nymph stars Debbie D and Laura Giglio. Debbie is investigating the disappearance of her friend and she learns too late that Laura is responsible. The two women fight to the death!

A Nymph of the Waves 1900

A woman in ballet slippers wearing a large white hat and a long white dress - with ruffles, puffy sleeves and petticoats - dances across water with roiling waves behind her. She holds the edges of the skirt with her hands, lifting and twirling, sometimes exposing her bloomers and a dark garter on one leg. Her style combines ballet with the exuberant kicks and twirls of a burlesque dance hall. With churning waves behind her, the water seems to wash beneath her feet. The film of the dancer, "M'lle. Cathrina Bartho" (1899), is superimposed on that of the water, "Upper Rapids, from Bridge" (1896).

The Divine Nymph 1975

In the decadent Roaring Twenties, a beautiful woman engages in affairs with two men, playing them against each other.

The Fire nymph 1979

In the forest two gold digger saw a fire nymph, foreshadowing is rich in gold deposits, and had a fight. This greatly angered the nymph. This story told grandfather to his grandson. Suddenly the very same girl appeared in front of them from the flames of the candles, and tease the boy ran out of the hut. After a while the boy again met with Ognevushka, and she invited him to her house. In winter, the old man found out that they had in the house over the potatoes. Trying to earn a livelihood, changing home-made wooden spoons on potatoes, he fails. Then Fedya went to the forest to visit Ognevushka, hoping to take the potatoes. In response to the request Ognevushka lent the boy magic shovel. Which in the same year Fedya with his grandfather comfortably survived until the summer.

The Nymphets 2015

A well-to-do 30-something man invites two rowdy young girls to party in his loft, leading to a night of provocation and cruelty, all in the name of getting laid.

Twilight of the Ice Nymphs 1997

Peter Glahn is released after years of incarceration as a political prisoner and is now returning to his homeland, the mythical Mandragora where the sun never sets. On board the ship home, he meets the mysterious Juliana Kossel who vanishes after stealing his heart. Once he arrives on the island, he goes to the family ostrich farm run by his sister Amelia. He finds Amelia living with a farmhand named Cain Ball who fears that Peter's return will endanger the agreement he made with Amelia that will see him inherit the farm. Amelia has since fallen for the vain Dr. Isaac Solti who controls the island and has a hold on both Zephyr Eccles, the widow of a local fisherman, and Juliana, Peter's dream girl from the ship. Solti's true obsession is a recently discovered statue of Venus that possesses strange powers. All the characters meet at Solti's lab where the sexual tensions erupt.

The Fish & The Fly 2: Nymphs 2010

This is a movie in the series The Fish & The Fly . In these films , we go deep into the details of each fishing situation , as a fly fisherman meetings. We have traveled to various fantastic fishing waters in order to find the best ways to show fly fishing with nymph. In the film, together with Morten Oeland that shows how he fishes in the many different fishing situations we experience. We see the natural nymphs on quite closely, and Morten shows practically fly fishing with his best imitation of these nymphs. As in the other films , we have located underwater cameras in the fishing areas while we fish , and we get new insight into the movements of the fish when we thus come under the surface.

Nymphette's of the Wild Sex 1983

Young family on a yacht floating on the waves of the tropical seas, moored to some islets which seemed initially, and while their two daughters playing on the beach, unreasonable parents managed to blow up the boat with him. Children left alone on the island, they managed to survive, and now they have grown up, and the island was not so uninhabited...

Rag Nymph 1997

It’s 1854 and ten-year-old Millie is taken in by ‘Raggie Aggie’ after her mother dies in a Newcastle brothel. The spirited young Millie is exposed again to the corrupting influences of the streets of Newcastle.

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