Sting of the Black Scorpion 2002

Cop by day, masked crusader by night, the fearless and sultry Black Scorpion must protect the City of Angels from a deadly trio of villains... the prosthetic machine gun Firearm, the time-controlling Clockwise, and vision-stealing Flashpoint.

The Scorpion with Two Tails 1982

Joan Barnard (Elvire Audray, AMAZONIA: THE KATHERINE MILES STORY), wife of archeologist Arthur Barnard (John Saxon, ENTER THE DRAGON), is being plagued by nightmares of ritualistic deaths within an ancient Etruscan tomb. Unsettling as they are, these dreams have also been unconsciously providing Joan with detailed knowledge of a lost temple that her husband has only just recently discovered. While talking on the phone about her violent and vivid dreams, Joan's life is forever altered, as she is forced to listen as her husband is murdered, his head nearly twisted off. Determined to uncover her husband's killer and get to the bottom of her hallucinogenic, maggot infested visions, Joan travels to the site of Arthur’s most recent excavation, escorted by her friend and colleague Mike Grant (Paolo Malco, THE HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY) uncovering a web of murder and mysticism.

Scorpion Woman Prisoner: Death Threat 1991

A woman who, disguised as a beggar, turns out to be a formidable assassin, is charged by a warden to infiltrate a women's prison, to run the one that took his eye with a wooden spoon carved from a knife - a woman named Nami Matsushima, known within the walls under the nickname of Scorpion.

Hunt for the Golden Scorpion 1991

In the deepest, most remote part of the Amazon, a treasure is hidden! A treasure so valuable that men would kill for it, women would undress for it, and entire armies would fight for it !

Female Prisoner Scorpion: Grudge Song 1973

Nami (Meiko Kaji) is once again on the run from the law but is saved by an old classmate who works at a strip club. Through a subsequent conversation they discover they both have a score to settle with a particular crooked cop. However, Nami has doubts about ever trusting a man.

Scorpion in Love 2013

Julian (Álex González) and his friend Luis (Miguel Angel Silvestre) are two neighborhood boys who are part of a gang of violent neo-Nazis, led by Solis (Javier Bardem). After start training in a gym, Julian is transformed gradually thanks to the discipline of boxing, the nobility of his coach (Carlos Bardem) and the love of a young latin girl (Judith Diakhate). All of this takes away from the group, but Luis is not ready to accept that leave the "herd".

La danse du scorpion

A crime lord offers him a job to catch his cheating wife in the act. The only problem is Finch falls for the woman (Roberta Bizeau). As well as having troubles with his ex-girlfriend/manager, being set up for a murder, & trying to figure out who done it.

The Scorpion King 2009

The Scorpion King: The King before Pharaohs. Learn more about the king who likely united ancient Egypt, organized the world’s earliest phonetic writing system, and inspired the creation of the pyramids. Mace heads, a stone mounted on a wooden shaft, were an early weapon of war. They were used like a club to strike enemies on the head. The scorpion mace head was too large to have been used as a weapon, and was clearly reserved for ceremonial purposes. Archaeologists believe they have found the tomb of the Scorpion King at the ancient burial site of Abydos. He was buried with 700 wine jars, several of which had come from as far away as ancient Palestine. The Scorpion King may have presided over the birth of phonetic writing earlier than any other civilization in the world—200 years before the first pharaohs.

New Female Prisoner Scorpion: #701 1976

Once again we focus on Nami Matsushima. This time she has a sister who goes missing and after getting too caught up in doing something about it, our innocent heroine is given a fifteen year sentence for a murder she didn't commit. She's sent to an all women prison where she's not exactly welcome. Her fellow inmates torture, humiliate and try to kill her; but the Scorpion prevails long enough to get some justice.

Scorpion: Double Venom 1998

Nami Matsushima, a former doctor, is put in prison for murdering one of the men who raped and killed her sister. Now, faced with violent and lecherous prison gangs, an aggressively amorous warden, and with a friend on death row, Nami must steel herself for a ten year stay in one of Japan's toughest women's prisons.

Scorpion: Double Venom 2 1998

Nami Matsushima has escaped from the prison to which she was sentenced in Scorpion, but is now obsessed with tracking down the--don't laugh--one-armed man who murdered her younger sister fifteen years ago. Nami is certainly no great action heroine, and the plot at times makes little sense, climaxing with a coincidence more ridiculous than any Shakespeare ever used. For complicated reasons, Nami uses her medical knowledge to break into a women's prison as staff physician. There, as in the previous movie, the convicts wind up naked awfully frequently.

Cocaine Wars 1985

Miami DEA agent Cliff Adams is in South America working undercover for Gonzalo Reyes, the biggest cocaine exporter in South America. Cliff's fiancée, Janet Meade, is a reporter doing a story about Reyes. Reyes orders Cliff to kill Marcelo Villalba, who is running for his countries position as president, but Cliff can't bring himself to do it, because his assignment from the DEA is to work against Reyes. Reyes is afraid Villalba will put him out of business, and is afraid that Janet's story will do the same thing, so Reyes sends someone else after Villalba, and then Reyes has Janet kidnapped, and Cliff is the only one who can keep Reyes' plans from succeeding

Female Prisoner Scorpion: Beast Stable 1973

Following her successful prison break, Scorpion begins this third episode in the series hiding out in a brothel. Her prostitute friend tries to keep her identity secret, but the brothel's madam discovers that Scorpion is the ex-girlfriend of the vice officer who killed her lover.

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